Entrevista Jianmin Huang

Entrevista Jianmin Huang
Entrevista Jianmin Huang

Entrevista com Jianmin Huang para o fotografiaderua.com. Para a versão portuguesa clique na opção “Translate” nos três pontinhos do menu.

1. Can you tell us the story of how you first got started in street photography?

It was mid 2008 I bought me my self a first digital camera and took a walk tour workshop with a group young people and started to take pictures ( learning photography ) since then i start to practice on the street.

2. How long have you been shooting street photography and what were some obstacles or difficulties that you encountered?

Since 2008 I started practice my photography on the streets it got really addictive back then I had a part time job in a souvenir store I start late in the afternoon every day before work I will start a walk routine before work.
Difficulties? Quite alot during taking streets there ’s always difficulties that people say :” hey no pictures !” or :” i smack ur camera if u take my pictures ” happen also I got pushed by some guys when i took pictures of them , and im pretty close to them. at some point you will get use to it.

3. What do you wish to convey to your viewers through your photography?

I wish to show the beautiful life / and people within the place we live and that we encounter every day.

4. When you are out on the streets taking photos, what inspires you to capture a certain scene or image?

Faces, i collect portraits of people. also funny clothing and follow the Light and shadow.

5. Who are some photographers that you look up to, and how have they affected your work?

As for photographers that I love, I love William Klein as I saw many of his pictures and I start to get close and closer to the people and I love the colors of Martin Parr it made me start trying out many color negatives (I’m using  AGFA vista plus 400 to get some bridge colors).
Bill Cunningham taught me i need to categorise photographs pay more attention to the “ Wear/clothes “ (I love women in Red Pumps ) and Hair colors. Richard Avedon’s Portraits & Helmut Newton’s nude (I saw his book and i started to try out some nude and fashion combines).

6. Describe the favorite street photograph you’ve taken. When and where did you take the photo, and why is it special to you?

One of my fav picture is a portrait of Laura , it was in the summer i was crossing the street and I saw 20 meters or so away theres this girl brunette + redish Hair,  very young and skinny with a piar of hotpants / leather bag / denim jacket and a pair of allstar , holding a cigaret crossing the road walking the other side she has “ flair “ or lets say like a aura that was one of those times that i know i can grap a great portrait and I run, I run toward her and I introduced my self and I took this portrait and it’s been one of my favorite pictures (I went back to her mother and gave her a small print and we remain friends since then , its been 4 years I think I still keep taking her pictures every year).

7. What type of camera and which lenses do you use for your street photography? How do you use your equipment to capture your amazing images?

As for camera I have serveral camera’s I have a Konica Hexar for everyday snap shots its light / fast and silence so I ususally carry it everyday I love my 24mm on my Canon 5dmarkt 2 I love close up faces so I shot it wide open and it gives a “ IN YOUR FACE “ effect that’s loving it and some times i use a medium format hasseblad for still portraits.

8. What tips would you give to aspiring other street photographers in the community?

Shoot more , be patient (many times you need to wait for the shot) and  try to get closer and closer to the subject, it’s hard in the beginning, as you try more and time goes by you will get use to it.

9. Thank you for this fantastic interview. Are there any final comments that you would like to give?

If you ever seen a asian dude running after some one in a long coat, it might be me give a holla.

10. What are your future projects?

Try to share your best work with as many people as possible. so that we all can see that fantastic works and got inspired.

Find more of his work in jimmyontherun.com and his gallery on our site.